Monday, March 25, 2013

To Stress or Not To Stress

I wasn't able to stay for the WW meeting today; I met our leader in the ladies room and ended up having a short conversation with her.  I said I was sorry I could not stay, that tonight Passover begins and I have to leave work early for it.  She said we can't be there for all meetings, but as long as we're being true to ourselves it would be okay.  I love that she's so optimistic.

My problem this past week was that I couldn't bring myself to track anything.  I don't usually do this, and I mostly am obsessive about it.  I don't want to fall asleep at night without making sure that I have everything logged into the tracker, including if I drank enough water and got exercise.  

It started when I had my cold last week.  I was too tired to do anything, let alone track what I'm eating and everything else.  Surprisingly, I had this burst of energy in the middle of the day and wiped down all my cabinets in the kitchen.  I don't normally need a burst of energy to do that, but when you are feeling yucky... you know.

As I mentioned last week, I was sort of gorging on poor food choices.  Maybe gorging is the wrong word, because technically, I didn't really go over on my points allowed, except for a small amount a couple of days I wasn't feeling well.

To that end, I became really obsessed with not making said choices the rest of the week.  I wanted to be really sure I didn't slip at all.  Of course, this is not realistic.  Day-to-day, work is pretty stressful, but some days it becomes extra stressful.  To say I'm putting out fires that don't need to be set in the first place is an understatement.  I find that I become stressed not from my own issues, but from what happens outside of me.  Perhaps some of these things aren't really my problem, but some days it seems that way.

In any case, I began a plan to relax towards the end of the week.  When that plan was sort of railroaded by a fire that again did not need to be set, I really wanted to hunker down and eat a full 8 oz. of mozzarella.  Did I?  Of course not, but the motions of the stress created that and I fought it with all my being.  I went to my favorite recipe website, Skinnytaste, and found their recipe (side fact:  The Two Fat Ladies used to pronounce recipe "receep".  I always loved that!) for Chicken Parm.  This one is baked and so good - you wouldn't miss the real thing.  

So, what result did I end up with when I weighed in today?  I lost!  It was only .6 lbs., but I lost.  And, that's the goal.  That, and getting rid of stressors in my life.  What stresses you out?  What do you do to deal with it?  Hit the comments and let me know! 


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